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Dreamcatcher EP Intro


We live in a society that calls itself free and unrestricted. However, it subjugates the very human soul to a claim of its values.
Everyday we are judged by appearance, gender, and sexual orientation. We are encouraged to live in an endless cycle of addiction, and to reject it, puts us on the sideline, labelled as an outsider. What hurts the most, is to be aware that all these values that we know that are wrong, are continuously transmitted to subsequent generations.
Where hatred exists there should be compassion and love, where divergence prevails there should be understanding, where prejudice is imminent there should be acceptance. If we all could be able to be tolerant, able to love one another, then perhaps, just perhaps, happiness would not be a right only available to a few, but to all.


from Dreamcatcher, released December 27, 2014
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Guilherme Baptista



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Dharma Lisbon, Portugal

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